Abstract submission

Elsevier Procedia Engineering has recently agreed to publish conference proceedings. The submission procedure and full paper template will be available as soon as the contract with Elsevier will be finalized.

For any requests on full paper template, please contact us at wdsa2014@water-system.org.


Submission of Abstracts (deadline: Friday 31st of January 2014) - CLOSED  

Authors are invited to submit a title and a abstract on the themes indicated or others falling in within the scope of the conference. Maximum abstract length is 500 words, including references.
For overseas delegates who need the VISA for their travel, there will be speeded up procedures for abstract acceptance in order to provide timely the invitation letters useful to issue the VISA by their national governments. The invitation letter will be sent automatically to all delegates that will request it during the procedure for abstract submission.
For special requests, please contact us at wdsa2014@water-system.org.

It is possible to submit one abstract for each user account. Authors who need to submit additional abstracts are requested to create new user accounts (with different e-mail addresses). This will simplify the review process and permits to be more flexible in managing final paper versions and correspoding authors. 

The Abstract template (Word ) is attached at the bottom of this page.
To upload the abstract follow this link.

Following the requests from some Researchers, people are allowed to present their work at WDSA 2014 conference without submitting the full paper. An extended abstract will be requested in place of full paper submission upon acceptance of the first (short) abstract.


We are attempting to organize some sessions in advance, inside the relevant topics of WDSA 2014, in order to promote the consistency of the presentations and manuscripts through the sessions. To this purpose interested researchers should send a short proposal by e-mail at wdsa2014@water-system.org indicating the session name and topic, which need to be consistent with those of the conference.

The organization consists in:
• promoting the submission of five abstracts/papers. In case of four abstracts, the Organizing Committee will attempt to suggest the fifth abstract from the entire set of submissions;
• promoting  the integration of the specific topics of each submission;
• organizing, together with the WDSA 2014 Organizing Committee, the review of the submissions;
• moderating and organizing the track of the papers inside the session.

Note: these are not Special Sessions but a way to improve the consistency inside the sessions.

People interested in join  promoted sessions are kindly asked to send an email at wdsa2014@water-system.org indicating the name of the session and the title of the abstract submitted.


The following sessions have been approved so far:
• Kevin Lansey - David Butler (Sustainable Resilient Water Infrastructures)
• Dragan Savic - Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia (Smart Water and ICT)
• Luca Ridolfi - Fulvio Boano (Network Segmentation and Smart Management)
• Avi Ostfeld (Water Distribution Systems Modeling for Security Enhancements)
• Kobus Van Zyl - Marco Ferrante (Pressure and Leakage)
• Maria da Conceição Cunha (Phasing the development of water distribution networks)
• Zoran Kapelan - Michele Romano (Real-time Management of Smart Water Systems using Big Data)
• Rita Ugarelli - Sveinung Sægrov (Modeling "flows" in Water Infrastructure Asset Management)
• Gabriele Freni (Uncertainty in Flooding Estimation in Urban Areas)
• Stefano Alvisi - Marco Franchini (Water Demand Modeling and Forecasting)
• Silvia Meniconi - Aaron Zecchin (Transients in pipe systems)
• Cristiana Bragalli - Enrique Cabrera (Intelligent use of energy in water distribution systems)
• Daniel Nieto - Pietro Teatini - Grazia Martelli (Aquifers As Subsurface Reservoirs for Drought Management)
• Alberto Campisano - Matthew Burns (Rainwater Harvesting and Water Reuse)
• Giovanni Sechi - Paola Zuddas (Water Supply System Management  in Shortage Conditions: Balancing Risk and Performance Between Conflicting Users)



281 abstracts submitted from 39 Countries.The Organizing Committee wish to thank all Authors and people who contributed to such an outstanding result.See the map of Nationalities of Corresponding Authors. 
We are attempting to organize some sessions in advance, inside the relevant topics of WDSA 2014.   Go to Abstract Submission page for further details.
Instructions for participants -  December 4, 2013
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