The main focus of the conference is on water distribution. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Water distribution network modeling;
  • Network optimization: planning, design, rehabilitation and expansion;§
  • Background leakage modeling and control;
  • Smart demand metering, assessment, forecasting and management;
  • Asset management and performance modeling;
  • Real time monitoring, modeling and control of water systems;
  • Advances in sensors, SCADA and ICT for (big) data management;
  • Network vulnerability, reliability, resilience and risk analysis;
  • Leakage and energy management in water distribution networks;
  • Transient analysis;
  • Water quality, contaminant intrusion and water security;
  • Water distribution network operation and maintenance;
  • Water resource management  in water shortage contexts;
  • Water irrigation systems: design, optimization and operation;
  • Field works: case studies and practical applications;
  • Educational and research transfer tools.


Other topics may be of interest for the conference as long as related to the above.

A special session on urban hydraulics and system integration is programmed in order to act a contamination and assimilation of studies at urban level in view of the Smart City paradigm.

  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (best management practices) and water reuse;
  • Integrated urban water system modeling and management;
  • Economic and social issues for sustainable water management in urban areas;
  • Dual networks: design, operation and security;
  • Smart (water sensitive) cities and asset management;
  • Field works: case studies and practical applications.


281 abstracts submitted from 39 Countries.The Organizing Committee wish to thank all Authors and people who contributed to such an outstanding result.See the map of Nationalities of Corresponding Authors. 
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Instructions for participants -  December 4, 2013
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