Monday September 22nd 2014
09:00 10:00   Registration    
10:00 10:30   Opening ceremony    
    Keynote lecture    
10:30 11:10   Transverse Mixing in Heterogeneous Porous Media O. A. Cirpka
11:10 11:40   Coffee break    
    Session M1    
11:40 12:00 179 Assimilation of cross-hole pumping test data through ensemble Kalman filter coupled with moment equations of groundwater flow M. Riva
12:00 12:20 137 Groundwater Resources Management in Arid and Semi Arid Regions from an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Perspective F. Yazdandoost
12:20 12:40 157 Causes of Groundwater Rise at Al-Qurain Residential Area, Kuwait H. Bhandary
12:40 13:00 158 Usage of carbon isotopes in characterizing groundwater age, flow direction, flow velocity and recharge area H. Bhandary
13:00 14:00   Lunch    
    Keynote lecture    
14:00 14:40   On the characterization of breakthrough curves and implications in risk analysis E. R. Siirila
    Session M2    
14:40 15:00 155 Remediation of thallium-contaminated groundwater by permeable adsorptive barrier M. Ciarmiello
15:00 15:20 185 Assessment of the Nexus between Groundwater Extraction and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Employing Aquifer Modelling S. Nazari
15:20 15:40 150 The value of hydraulic conductivity information for the optimal restoration of an over-exploited aquifer P. Sidiropoulos
15:40 16:10   Coffee break    
    Session M3    
16:10 16:30 153 Bayesian Estimation of a Highly Parameterized Hydraulic Conductivity Field: a Study Case M. D'Oria
16:30 16:50 146 Estimating permeability using the Parameter Estimation Method in a high-permeability area of the Kurobe River Alluvial Fan, Japan T. Tebakari
16:50 17:10 179 Simulation of semiarid stream flow using the 1D model (Rubarbe), case of Ksob wadi in Algeria M. Hasbaia
17:10 17:30 201 Modeling of reactive transport in groundwater using kernel density estimators M. Rahbaralam
17:30 17:50 180 What can be obtained from Theis based interpretation techniques when applied to heterogeneous aquifers N. Copty
Tuesday September 23rd 2014
09:00 09:30   Registration    
    Keynote lecture    
09:30 10:10   About pumping tests interpretations P. Ackerer
    Session T1    
10:10 10:30 171 Modelling of groundwater flow in fractured rocks G. Karay
10:30 10:50 149 Inferring the Shape of Fractures and Hydraulic Properties of the Coal Seam Using Inverse Modeling on Pumping Test Results – Broke, NSW, Australia S. Askarimarnani
10:50 11:10 143 Laboratory estimation of dispersivity coefficients A. Zanini
11:10 11:40   Coffee break    
    Session T2    
11:40 12:00 178 Estimation of hydraulic conductivity profiles using borehole resistivity logs V. Kaleris
12:00 12:20 163 Laboratory-Scale Investigation of Two-Phase Relative Permeability L. Moghadasi
12:20 12:40 200 A numerical experiment to determine the soil water contents in the unsaturated zone and the water table response under transient ponding conditions C. Miracapillo
    Keynote lecture    
12:40 13:20   Characterization of sedimentary basins in the presence of mechanical and geochemical compaction M. Riva
13:20 14:20   Lunch    
16:15 23:00   IAHR2014 social tour and gala dinner    
Wednesday September 24th 2014
    Session W1    
09:00 09:20 160 Uncertainty-based analysis of variations in subsurface thermal field due to horizontal flat-panel heat exchangers V. Ciriello
09:20 09:40 135 Geothermal systems of low temperature in Mexican Highlands:alternative uses and associated risks R. Rodriguez
09:40 10:00 174 Sustainable Groundwater Management in Coastal Aquifer of Sinai Using Evolutionary Algorithms H. Bekhit
10:00 10:20 182 Laboratory scale simulation of hydraulic barriers to seawater intrusion in confined coastal aquifers considering the effects of stratification A. Botero-Acosta
    Keynote lecture    
10:20 11:00   Interpretation of a multidisciplinary infiltration tank experiment with emphasis in bioclogging and related changes in soil properties  X.  Sanchez-Vila
11:00 11:30   Coffee break    
    Session W2    
11:30 11:50 159 Porous gravity currents of non-Newtonian fluids within confining boundaries V. Di Federico
11:50 12:10 172 Lessons learned from hydraulic and pneumatic tomography in fractured rocks W. Illman
12:10 12:30 161 A spectral multidomain penalty method solver for the simulation of the velocity attenuation in hyporheic flows J. A. Peñaloza Giraldo
12:30 12:50 133 On solitary shock waves for solute and fluid pressure in geologic porous media E. Salusti
    Keynote lecture    
12:50 13:30   A multi-objective optimization concept for risk-based early-warning monitoring networks in well catchments W. Nowak
13:30 14:30   Lunch    
14:30 15:00   Closing ceremony