Getting to Perugia by car:
From the North (Milan, Florence) the best exit for Perugia on the autostrada A1 is Valdichiana, where you can take the superstrada that continues towards Perugia (40 min drive).
From South (Rome), the best exit is Orte, which is connected to Perugia through the E45 (about 1 hour drive).

Getting to Perugia by train:
Perugia has several train stations, please choose the one named just "Perugia".
From the North, the main line between Florence and Rome stops at Terontola (on the branch line to Lake Trasimeno, Perugia, Assisi, Spello and Foligno). From Florence take one of the many daily trains to Terontola/Cortona (1/2 hr), that meet up with a connecting train to Perugia (35 to 50 min).
From the South, the main line from Rome to Ancona has a station at Foligno (on the branch line to Spello, Assisi, and Perugia). From Rome, take one of the many daily trains on the line to Ancona and stop at Foligno (1/2 hr to 2 hours), that meet up with the connection to Perugia (40 min).
please check:

Getting to Perugia by airplane:
Local airport is Aeroporto di Sant’Egidio (PEG) ( that is connected to London and Brussels.
The airport can be easily reached from Perugia by bus in about 20 min.
Please check the website for timetable.
Central Italy’s closest major airports to Perugia are Rome, Pisa and Florence.

Roma Fiumicino airport:
There are daily bus connections from Rome Fiumicino airport (international departures, terminal C) and Perugia (P.zza Partigiani and P.zza Italia).
Please check the website: for timetable
You can also take the Trenitalia train (Leonardo Express from Fiumicino Aereoporto to Roma Termini, 32 min. 14,00€, every 30 min.) or a bus to Roma Termini (about 50 min., 5,00 €, e.g.:
From Roma Termini you can reach Perugia as described in "Getting to Perugia by Train from the south". 

The perfect base for travel in central Italy and recommended base for an extended stay, whether in town or in the surrounding lovely countryside, Perugia, is very close to other gems of Umbria’s medieval hill towns:

Assisi: 20 min
Gubbio: 40 min
Orvieto: 1 hour
Bevagna, Montefalco: 30 min
Todi: 30 min
Spoleto: 45 min
Lake Trasimeno: 20 min

and main cities of central Italy:

Rome: 2 h
Florence: 1 and 3/4 h
Siena: 1 and 1/2 h
Cortona: 1 h
Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano: about 1and 1/2 h